Stinky The Garbage Truck

Stinky The Garbage Truck

Tipped to be the must have toy this Christmas for any boy 3 years plus. Stinky The Garbage Truck can sing, exercise, talk and eat! And if that wasn't enough it can be an ordinary garbage truck toy.

New from Matchbox and part of Big Rig Buddies line along with his buddy Rocky the Robot Truck and has the same great features and interactive qualities.

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Stinky The Talking Garbage Truck Information

Stinky The Talking Garbage Truck is a real working garbage truck toy and is a great toy just like that. But it is with a push of the button that the fun really begins.

Like all the Big Rig Buddies range from Matchbox, Stinky The Garbage Truck with the push of the button goes into interactive mode where he moves, sings, talks and eats. Sure to make him a favourite with any child over the age of 3. He loves to eat matchbox car toys but will eat anything put in his mouth.

But don't worry it can all be recovered at the back of the truck.

He maybe called Stinky but it is his name and doesn't refer to his smell. When he comes out of the package he is fine what happens after depends on what he gets up to.

Stinky the garbage truck is designed for little fingers with easy
to handle chunky design.

Any child will love to call him their friend. Stinky has over 90 funny sayings and noises. He want to be fed garbage and loves dumping the garbage. He let's you know when he wants more garbage. And he likes to sing and tell jokes.

The nteractive natures of the design helps to encourage co-operation and friendship building skills.

Tipped to be a bestselling toy this Christmas. Order now to avoid disappointment.

Stinky The Garbage Truck Toy Specifications

Stinky The Garbage Truck Toy is tipped to be among the most wanted toys for Christmas 2010.

Stinky the garbage truck will be a favourite friend of any child over the age of 3. He will entertain them by starting sing-along fun and asking questions. The interactive mode is incredible and he will play games and even get the kids to exercise!

Stinky is an entertaining friend who engages kids by initiating sing-alongs and asking them questions. He also plays games and gets kids to exercise. He will keep kids guessing what he is going to do next. He has plenty of surprises.

Stinky the garbage truck also doubles up as normal garbage truck toy and can be played with as a garbage truck toy and pushed around easily.

Stinky The Garbage Truck is the brand new interactive toy from Matchbox's Big Rig Buddies range, that includes the bestselling
Matchbox Rocky the Robot Interactive Dump Truck from Christmas 2009.

Stinky the garbage truck requires 3 X AG13 and 4 C batteries which are included with the toy.

Stinky is sure to be in demand this Christmas and like last years Rocky it's going to be very hard to find this Christmas if you leave it too close to Christmas.

Stinky the Garbage Truck is a truly amazing interactive talking garbage truck toy that willkeep children entertained well beyond Christmas day. He makes noises that will delight and entertain them for hours with over 90 phrases and noises - he lets them know when want to be fed and when he is full and needs emptying with sayings like "garbage, garbage, garbage", “give me a high five” and much much more.

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Stinky The Garbage Truck Video Demonstration

Here is Stinky the Garbage Truck being demonstrated at the New York Toy Fair showing off all his tricks

Stinky The Garbage Truck Reviews Of Suppliers

Stinky The Garbage Truck will be supplied by many of the largest online and offline retailers like Amazon, Argos, Toys R Us, Toymaster etc. From the work we have done, we found that the best place to get the latest sonic screwdriver is at Amazon. Amazon has over the years has built up a strong reputation for quality and reliable customer service. You can have peace of mind they will deliver on time and they keep you informed and up to date on expected despatch and delivery dates.

For a small additional fee Amazon will also wrap your Christmas gifts for you. One less thing to worry about.

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